Palm Crypto

A software publishing company specialized in building dapps (Decentralized application) and offering all NFT fundamentals. 

Our Dapps

We’re continously building dapps to bring more value to our NFT holders. 

Our Projects

Bahrainees NFT

A collection of 973 NFTs inspired from Bahrain society


Island Beach Club

A collection of 4,444 NFTs throwing the biggest rave party on Solana

Palm Token

A crypto token on Solana blockchain that aims to support in reducing Co2 emission by using the blockchain technology

Palm Island

Palm Island is the Main Hub for our NFT holders. The island is here to give back to the community.

Our Team


Co Founder / Project management / Community Lead


Co Founder / Developer / Artist


Head of Marketing



Social Media


A community built organization which aims to impact in reversing climate change in the MENA region and develop an extensive network of blockchain-based projects to help the area adapt and introduce web3 into the region.

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